Voice & Radio – A Marriage Made At Home


radio-station-amazon-alexa-dot-2A friendly assistant called Alexa is changing the way people consume audio in the home & car. Millions of Amazon Echo devices with the Alexa voice assistant have invaded kitchens, living rooms and bedrooms across America & 10s of millions of cars will be Alexa enabled later this year. Today, people ask Alexa about the weather, to turn on lights or start Pandora. XAPP is helping broadcasters use Alexa so listeners choose radio first.

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Voice Interactive Radio Delivers What Listeners Want

amazon-alexa-voice-interactive-radio-listenersVoice is quite simply the Future of Radio because it delivers what listeners want.

  • Convenience and Instant Gratification – “play WPLJ”, “Ask B100 to play Southern Rock”
  • Content Discovery – “discover podcasts” , “play the ‘Morning Drive’”
  • Spontaneous Interactivity – users and broadcasters have always wanted to interact in the moment and voice delivers
  • Personality – a hallmark of radio brings an intimacy with voice that streamers can’t match

Amazon Alexa has two added benefits for broadcasters today. Advertisers want to be where the listeners are so this provides a new premium ad unit for radio stations. It also provides an effective way to introduce your current and new listeners to content beyond the live stream, including podcasts and time-shifting their favorite shows.

10 Best Practices for Radio on Alexa

XAPP Helps Radio Speak ‘Alexa’

XAPPmedia-Federated-B100-Alexa-SkillXAPP has been delivering great interactive voice experiences on Alexa, Google and mobile devices since 2013. Our experience helps stations increase listeners and time spent listening while improving monetization. We have baked that expertise into our solution for radio stations.

This is a great opportunity to bring radio back into the home. Act Now or forever be silent in Amazon Alexa homes – XAPPmedia makes it easy.

We have a special offer running in March for the first 20 stations to sign up. Click below to find out more. 


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