Reaching Ultramobile Consumers

Who are the ultramobile? The market is large. Over fifty million audio app listeners now regularly consume audio content while driving, walking, exercising and working. These ultramobile activities require focused attention and listening is a hands free, eyes free experience by necessity. Interacting with on-screen display offers is not an option.

This presents a challenge for Internet audio advertisers and publishers. How can you create an interactive experience to drive engagement and conversions when consumers cannot see or touch the mobile screen? The answer is voice.

XAPP Ads: the first ‘voice click’

“Of course, it is impossible to click on an ad that is purely audio in nature.”

IAB 2011 Digital Audio Advertising Overview

Audio content consumption is rapidly migrating to smartphones. According to Triton Digital, 64% of Internet audio listening is now on mobile and the segment will soon represent 20% of all audio advertising. The question is how this new digital channel can become something more than the traditional, one-way audio advertising. Thankfully, smartphones provide access to a tool for connecting with consumers – a microphone. XAPP Ads and Content Discoveries leverage the microphone to enable the advertising world’s first ‘voice click.’

XAPP Ads Create Ultramobile Engagement and Conversion

By responding with their voice, listeners do not have to disengage from their ultramobile activity. Simply by speaking in response to a prompted offer, a consumer can instantly connect to a phone call, receive an email or coupon, or initiate an app download. Action phrases such as CALL NOW, SEND EMAIL, SEND COUPON, DOWNLOAD APP, or MORE INFO can help advertisers create spontaneous customer conversions.

This benefits listeners because they can instantly connect with a relevant brand offer without interrupting an ultramobile activity. For advertisers, it facilitates convenient engagement and conversion opportunities even when consumers are ultramobile. Publishers also benefit from providing a new super-premium ad unit.

To learn more about market trends and the rise of the ultramobile consumer, download the whitepaper “Reaching Ultramobile Audio Consumers” below.