XAPP Ads and Content Discoveries represent a new way to drive consumer engagement and conversion. Since 1922, radio has provided a valuable one-way medium for reaching consumers. While “talking at” consumers may develop awareness, it doesn’t lead to efficient conversion or a better user experience. XAPP Ads and Content Discoveries facilitate two-way communication by voice that can deliver instant engagement for brands and audio publishers.

Mobile Changes Everything

Radios have speakers. Smartphones have speakers and often headphones, but they also have a microphone.  The microphone provides an opportunity for advertisers and audio publishers. Consumers hearing XAPP Ads and Content Promos on mobile devices can use their voice to instantly connect with offers and audio programming. Voice-activated conversions are simple, spontaneous and convenient.

Rise of the Ultramobile

The best conversion opportunity most audio publishers offer is a tile ad that accompanies the audio creative.  However, more consumers are listening to audio content while ultramobile, which means they are engaged in another activity and it is either unsafe or inconvenient to look at or touch a device. Field data shows that 79% of all ads are served when the device screen is dark. With the display behind a locked screen, no visual stimulation can create interest.

Research firms Clearvoice and Edison present data that suggests 50 million consumers each month listen to audio content while ultramobile. Another 25-30 million may have access to the device but the screen is not active. In these instances, voice is the only opportunity for engagement. With XAPP Ads and Content Promos, consumers can be offered choices by saying things such as “Call Now,” “Play Next,” “Download App,” or “Send Coupon” to make an instant connection with an advertised offer or promoted audio content.

Better for Consumers, Advertisers and Publishers

XAPP Ads provide consumers with choice and convenience, advertisers with higher conversion rates and publishers with new super-premium ad units and the ability to improve user experience. Experience XAPP Ads and Content Discoveries for yourself here.