Experience. Engagement. Effectiveness.

Touch has been the method of consumer interaction with websites and apps for twenty years. However, mobile consumers cannot see an audio app screen 79% of the time because the screen is locked or the app is in background. That means touch-based interaction is ineffective. By contrast, voice-activated engagement is proving to be a perfect fit for audio apps.

XAPPmedia’s Interactive Audio Services enable consumers to connect effortlessly with content, artists and brands. By simply speaking, users can navigate an app, vote on a poll, ‘like’ a track, decide on their next content selection or respond to a brand offer. XAPP improves user experience and the value of publisher ad inventory. 

Internet radio and streaming services face a hyper-competitive market. In order to win new audience, you must deliver a great user experience and drive increased listening. Voice-activated engagement presents a new opportunity to do both. XAPP Content Discovery services regularly drive 2%-14% audience engagement rates and one Internet radio app witnessed over 20% user participation in voice-activated navigation. Voice delivers the most effective audience engagement tool for the mobile audio environment.

Better Economics Too

In addition to more effective user engagement, publishers’ mobile ad inventory also becomes more valuable with Interactive Audio Ads. XAPP Ads connect consumers directly with brands by enabling immediate engagement and conversion. Consumers respond to ads instantly using just their voice. It’s convenience for them, conversion for marketers and premium ad inventory for publishers. Adweek reported that publishers are receiving CPMs, “North of $20,” for XAPP Ads. We typically see XAPP Ad CPM pricing ranging from $15-$25; far higher than most ad inventory today. The conversion rates ranging from 1%-8% average about 10-30 times higher than typical mobile ad formats and justify premium CPM pricing.

Better for Listeners and Marketers

Mobile Internet radio and streaming services have changed the way we think about audio. Too many audio apps rely on visual engagement methods despite data showing consumers aren’t looking or can’t look at their smartphones. XAPP Interactive Audio Services eliminate that barrier and let consumers engage by voice. At XAPP, we start with the listener experience. Listeners get the convenience of hands free interaction, marketers capture engagement with high-intent consumers and publishers have tools to improve user experience and increase ad rates. Everyone benefits.