One Voice AI™

Build, Launch and Maintain Voice Apps on a Single Platform

XAPPmedia’s One Voice AI platform manages over 1,000 voice apps running on Amazon Alexa, Google Assistant and Microsoft Cortana. Progressive Insurance, E. & J. Gallo, Scripps, Entercom, Urban One and dozens of other leading brands and media companies trust XAPP to build, launch and maintain their interactive voice apps. Amazon, Google and Microsoft also trust the One Voice AI platform to integrate directly into their voice assistant services to ensure robust and reliable performance. 

One Voice AI Platform Capabilities


Enables a single voice app to provide a consistent user experience across Alexa, Google Assistant and Cortana. This saves time and cost while improving maintainability.


Supports voice, text and video content delivery and interaction. This enables voice apps to extend beyond spoken interaction to offer mixed-mode experiences on mobile devices and smart displays such as Echo Show.


Deployed across multiple geographies to reduce interaction latency, improve user experience and offer automatic failover through regional redundancy. It is an enterprise grade approach to voice app provisioning and operations. 


Separates logic from content and platform-dependent features to provide deployment flexibility, consistency and simplified maintenance.  


Content is also abstracted from runtime code allowing content changes and some UX updates without requiring voice app resubmission or recertification.


Enables voice apps to pull in streaming media and access other external services through API integrations to streamline the code base and simplify maintenance. ​

“We chose to work with XAPPmedia because their platform offered us fast time-to-market, cross voice assistant publishing and the scalability we needed to launch...on Alexa and Google Assistant." - Suzanne Grimes, EVP Cumulus Media / President Westwood One