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XAPPmedia in the News

RAIN News | 02.22.2018
XAPPmedia launches self-service Alexa skills for podcasters

Radio Ink | 02.14.2018
How XAPP Media Is Helping Radio Win With Digital

Radio Ink | 02.09.2018
How to Win the Alexa Game

Radio World | 02.09.2018
Westwood One Offers Hands-Free Olympic Updates

CNET | 12.26.2017
What Amazon’s Alexa economy pays the people building its skills

Wired | 12.16.2017
Alexa Wants You To Talk to Your Ads

Tech Crunch | 12.15.2017
Alexa skills top 25,000 in the U.S. as new launches slow

All Access | 12.14.2017
Cumulus Media Launches Network of Custom Amazon Alexa Skills

AdAge | 12.08.2017
NatGeo Has Developed a ‘Brain Training’ Voice App for Veterans

RAIN News | 12.05.2017
XAPPmedia to create voice skills for SurferNETWORK clients

RAIN News | 11.17.2017
XAPPmedia brings Alexa skills to first UK radio station

Mashable | 11.11.2017
Veterans’ stories of stress, loneliness inspired this meditation app | 11.10.2017
National Geographic Uses Google Assistant App to Help Veterans

Inside Radio | 10.09.2017
Alexa is Listening – So Should Radio, With Many Opportunities.

All Access | 09.05.2017
119 Radio Stations Are Now Live On Amazon Alexa And Managed Through the XAPP Interactive Voice Platform

RAIN News | 09.05.2017
XAPPmedia has created Alexa skills for more than 100 radio stations

Digiday | 07.06.2017
For publishers, Amazon Alexa holds promise but not much money (yet)

Radio World | 6.26.2017
Bringing Back the Preset Buttons

Radio World | 6.23.2017
Radio Seeks Smart Speaker Home Audience

Inside Radio | 5.12.2017
Alexa Now Has Improved Radio Ad Monetization Skills.

Inside Radio | 3.17.2017
Federated’s B100 is First ‘Skill’ Station on Amazon Alexa.

RAIN News | 3.16.2017
XAPPmedia Develops Alexa Skill for Federated’s B100 Radio

Voicebot | 3.16.2017
XAPPmedia and Federated Media Launch First Amazon Alexa Skill for Radio

Inside Radio | 2.24.2017
Inside: Digital Innovators: XAPPmedia Links Stations to Alexa

Inside Radio | 12.14.2016
XAPP’s Alexa Skill is Good Podcast Business.

The Marketing Site | 11.10.2016
In A Branding First…Amazon Echo Embeds

RAIN News | 10.04.2016
Triton Digital to Provide Voice-Activated XAPP Ads to Slacker

Inside Radio | 10.04.2016
Interactive Ads Bring More Engagement to Slacker

The Huffington Post | 08.24.2016
Is Your Brand Ready for The Voice Web? Get to Know Alexa

Advertising Week | 08.24.2016
Is Your Brand Ready for The Voice Web? Get to Know Alexa

RAIN News | 08.08.2016 takes XAPP Ads to Latin America and U.S. Hispanic market

Entrepreneur | 07.29.2016
Choosing the Media and Strategies That Best Fit Your Brand

Inside Radio | 07.27.2016
XAPPmedia Expands Interactive Audio Ad Biz to Hispanic Markets.

Washington Business Journal | 07.01.2016
Startup of the Week: XAPPmedia lets you build ads that talk back

Adotas | 06.09.2016
Ad Blocking From A Streaming Audio POV

BizReport | 06.06.2016
Expert: Audio ads aren’t dead

BizReport | 06.03.2016
How radio blocks ad blocking

ClickZ | 05.09.2016
Viewability has much more gray area than you realize [Study]

Radio Online | 04.15.2016
XAPPmedia CEO Pat Higbie in Q&A with R|O

jacapps Blog | 04.07.2016
Webinar: Value of XAPP Ads for Radio Broadcasters

jacapps Blog | 04.04.2016
Zap (XAPP) Your Mobile Revenue

Adotas | 03.31.2016
Three Reasons Audio Ignites the Advertising Mix

Inside Radio | 03.03.2016
Top Broadcast Advertisers Also Tapping Web Radio.

RAIN News | 03.02.2016
XAPPmedia Q4 report: More and quicker ads in online radio

Radio Online | 03.01.2016
XAPPmedia: Internet Radio Q4 Advertisers Grow 5.4x

Mobile Marketer | 03.01.2016
Marketers turn up volume on mobile’s potential for voice-driven engagement

Ad Tech Daily | 02.25.2016
Slacker Radio Adopts XAPP Interactive Audio To Connect Mobile Listeners To Content

New Music Weekly | 02.25.2016
Xappmedia Expands Voice Activation With Slacker.

Eric Alper | 02.25.2016
Slacker Radio Adopts XAPP Interactive Audio To Connect Mobile Listeners To Content

Radio Online | 02.24.2016
Slacker Radio Adopts XAPP Interactive Audio

Radio Ink | 02.24.2016
Slacker, XAPPmedia Sign Deal

MediaPost | 02.24.2016
Xappmedia Partners With Slacker Radio

RAIN News | 02.24.2016
Slacker Radio partners with XAPPmedia technology for voice-controlled music selection

Inside Radio | 02.24.2016
Xappmedia Expands Voice Activation With Slacker. | 02.24.2016
Slacker Radio Adopts XAPP Voice-Activation

jacapps Blog | 02.19.2016
Monetizing Mobile: How Radio Broadcasters Can Generate Revenue from Mobile Apps

MediaPost | 02.17.2016
Listen Up: Digital Mobile Is A Premium Radio Asset

Adotas | 02.04.2016
Q&A: Why Digital Marketing Is Valuable to the Radio Industry

Direct Marketing News (DMN) | 01.06.2016
What Change in Customer Behavior Will Impact Marketing Most in 2016?

Radio World | 01.04.2016
XAPPmedia: Interactive Audio Is Where It’s At

RAIN News | 01.04.2016
2016 Predictions: Industry thought-leaders peer into the new year for online audio

Capitol Communicator | 12.11.2015
Six DC Marketing and Advertising Winners Honored at DC Inno’s “50 on Fire” Awards

Adotas | 12.09.2015
What’s Ahead for Ad-Supported Audio Streaming in 2016?

MediaPost | 12.08.2015
Streaming Rivalry Heats Up, Race To Refine Mobile Services

Radio Facts | 12.07.2015
XAPPmedia’s 2016 Industry Predictions

BizReport | 11.30.2015
Expert: What will drive mobile in 2016

RAIN News | 11.20.2015
Pat Higbie: Spotify and other music services are saving the music industry

MarketingCharts | 11.18.2015
How Long Goes By Before An Internet Radio Listener Hears An Ad?

Adotas | 11.16.2015
Internet Radio Ad Load Falls 7% Driven by Two Publishers

Inside Radio | 11.16.2015
Pureplays Show Overall Q3 Ad Load Declines.

RAIN News | 11.13.2015
Streaming ad load drops in Q3: XAPPmedia report

Adotas | 10.26.2015
Apple Music Ad Load: A Report from XAPPmedia

MediaPost | 10.26.2015
Apple Music Shows Future Of Streaming Is Ad-Supported

Mark Ramsey Media | 10.19.2015
Interacting with Audio Ads by Voice – XAPPMedia’s Pat Higbie | 10.05.2015
Report: Apple Music Increases Ad Load In Wake Of Subscription Launch

Inside Radio | 09.29.2015
Still Room To Grow For Internet Radio

Mobile Marketer | 09.28.2015
Apple Music attracts new advertising dollars to streaming music: report

Radio Online | 09.28.2015
XAPPmedia Issues First Apple Music Ad Load Report

RAIN News | 09.25.2015
XAPPmedia finds Apple has earlier ad load, but more artist promos

Adotas | 09.17.2015
Q&A: Exploring the Marketing Power of Mobile Internet Radio

DCInno | 08.27.2015
How This DC Startup Plans to Dominate Online Radio Ads

Inside Radio | 08.11.2015
Web-Radio Audience Tops Facebook.

RAIN News | 08.07.2015
Bret Kinsella: Internet Radio Is Bigger Than Facebook

Inside Radio | 08.05.2015
For Radio, Web Pureplays, A Big Ad Crossover.

Inside Radio | 08.05.2015
In Online Radio, Pre-Ad Music Time Increases.

BizReport | 08.05.2015
Expert: How internet radio is taking over

Adotas | 08.04.2015
XAPPmedia: Internet Radio Ad Load Q2 2015 Report

Inside Radio | 08.03.2015
Internet Radio Ad Load Climbs.

RAIN News | 07.31.2015
XAPPmedia updates streaming audio ad load report: more ads, advertisers, local

Adotas | 07.02.2015
Q&A: Apple Music & Ad-Supported Internet Radio

AdExchanger | 06.30.2015
Streaming Wars: Why Apple Kept Quiet About Advertising In The Lead-Up To Apple Music

iMediaConnection | 06.16.2015
How to capitalize on audio advertising in a big way

Inside Radio | 06.09.2015
Online Radio’s $4.7 Billion Opportunity.

RAIN News | 06.04.2015
Bret Kinsella: Four Charts Show Radio’s Future Is on Mobile | 06.01.2015
Companies with Solutions

Inside Radio | 05.20.2015
Triton to Rep Interactive Xapp Ads.

Yahoo! Finance | 05.19.2015
Triton to Represent XAPP Ad Inventory for jacapps Broadcasters

RAIN News | 05.19.2015
Triton Digital to represent XAPP Ads in JAX advertising service

Radio Ink | 05.19.2015
Triton Representing XAPP In JAX | 05.19.2015
Triton To Represent XAPP Ad Inventory For jacapps Broadcasters

Digital Journal | 05.19.2015
Triton to Represent XAPP Ad Inventory for jacapps Broadcasters

Radio Ink | 05.18.2015
XAPPmedia Raises More Funding | 05.18.2015
XAPPmedia Obtains $3.8 Million In New Round Of Funding

Fortune Magazine | 05.15.2015
Term Sheet — Friday, May 15

Inside Radio | 05.15.2015
More Funding for Xappmedia.

RAIN News | 05.14.2015
XAPPmedia raises $3.8 million to expand services, bringing total capitalization to $6.8 million

RAIN News | 05.14.2015
XAPPmedia updates streaming ad load report: more advertisers, lower load

FMQB | 05.14.2015
XAPPmedia Raises $3.8 Million To Expand Interactive Audio Services

DCInno | 05.14.2015
DC Inno Beat 5/14: Walmart Prime, MD’s New Tech, XAPPmedia Raises $3.8M and InGo Raises $2.7M

DCTech Minute | 05.14.2015
#DCTech Minute May 14, 2015: #Hack4Congress DC, InnoMAYtion, and What AOL Meant to #DCTech

AdExchanger | 05.14.2015
XAPPmedia CMO: Audio Doesn’t Have The Viewability Problem Of Display

Bisnow | 05.14.2015
XAPPmedia’s Purse Grows

DCInno | 05.14.2015
XAPPmedia Raises $3.8M to Expand Its Interactive Radio Ad Services

Inside Radio | 05.14.2015
Online Radio Ad Loads Decline

WIRED Magazine | 05.07.2015
Forget the Click! New Interactive Ads Want to Talk With You

eMarketer | 05.01.2015
Internet Radio Advertisers: Get Ready to Spend More Money

Inside Radio | 03.25.2015
Streaming Ad Inventory Set to Multiply

Inside Radio | 03.10.2015
Study: Online ad loads less than a third of broadcast

EContent Magazine | 03.09.2015
Some Beaming — Others Steaming — Over Streaming Radio

Mobile Marketer | 03.05.2015
Marketers miss out with mobile radio ads lacking call to action | 02.27.2015
Jacobs Media Honors XAPPmedia As ‘Most Innovative’

Jacobs Media | 02.27.2015
Radio’s Most Innovative: XAPPmedia

Radio Online | 02.20.2015
XAPPmedia Issues Internet Radio Ad Load Report | 02.20.2015
Study: Net Ad Load Less Than 3 Minutes Per Hour

AdExchanger | 02.20.2015
AdExchanger News Roundup

RAIN News | 02.19.2015
XAPPmedia identifies key attributes of streaming ad loads

WIRED Magazine | 02.09.2015
Big Winners of 2014: Taylor Swift and Spotify

DCInno | 01.29.2015
Q&A With XAPPmedia: Interactive Radio Ads and Clicking By Voice

Metromode | 01.29.2015
App firm jacapps adds voice-recognition technology to arsenal

Mobile Marketing Magazine | 01.29.2015
XAPPmedia and Jacapps Partner for Interactive Audio Ads

RAIN News | 01.28.2015
XAPPmedia and jacapps form JAX mobile ad service

FMQB | 01.28.2015
XAPPmedia, jacapps Announce Partnership

AdExchanger | 01.28.2015
XAPPmedia Wants To Help Terrestrial Broadcasters Transition To Digital | 01.28.2015
XAPPmedia, jacapps Partner To Launch JAX Mobile Premium Ad Service

Radio Ink | 01.28.2015
XAPPmedia & jacapps Announce Partnership

Radio Online | 01.28.2015
XAPPmedia, jacapps Partner for Mobile Ad Platform

AdExchanger | 01.05.2015
A Banner Year For Innovative Mobile And Digital Ad Units

Adotas | 12.31.2014
XAPPmedia Predicts 50 Million Voice Click Conversions Will Occur in 2015

MediaPost | 12.18.2014
5 Internet Radio Predictions For 2015

Radio World | 12.15.2014
Check Out These Hot Audio Apps

Adotas | 12.15.2014
Why Musicians and Advertisers Need Streaming Internet Radio

Mobile Marketer | 12.10.2014
Sponsored content campaigns play a happy tune on Internet radio

Jacobs Media Blog | 11.19.2014
Clicked On A Banner Ad Lately?

M&C Saatchi Group Tech Blog | 11.10.2014
Future Ad Tech Boosts

Springwise | 10.15.2014
Interactive radio ads let listeners speak back

Fast Company | 10.09.2014
If You’d Like To Interact With The Future Of Audio Ads, Please Say “Proceed” | 10.07.2014
Just Say the Word: XAPPmedia Debuts Voice-Activated Content for Internet Radio Publishers and Advertisers

Mobile Marketer | 10.06.2014
NPR encourages mobile listeners to multitask via voice commands

AdExchanger | 10.03.2014
NPR Builds On Voice-Activated Ads With In-App Content Promos

Adotas | 10.02.2014
NPR to Leverage XAPPmedia’s New Interactive Audio Content

MediaPost | 10.02.2014
XAPPmedia Bows Interactive Audio Content Promos

Audio4cast | 10.01.2014
Online Audio On Stage At Advertising Week

Adotas | 09.04.2014
How to Motivate, Maintain and Convert Internet Radio Listeners

Re/code | 08.06.2014
Not Just a Lot of Talk: NPR One Sounds Smarter

Radio World | 07.29.2014
XAPPmedia Adds Paul Burden

Radio & Television Business Report (RBR-TVBR) | 07.24.2014
XAPPmedia names Paul Burden SVP/Sales | 07.18.2014
New Digital Offerings from NPR, PBS Promise Closer Look at How Users Consume Content

Bisnow | 07.10.2014
The Scene Bisnow: Launch Party!

The Washington Post | 07.06.2014
Capital Buzz: A futurist gives a glimpse of what’s ahead | 06.27.2014
EP #519: What happens when you can talk back to the radio – w/ XAPPmedia’s Pat Higbie

Radio Stuff Podcast | 06.26.2014
Radio Stuff: Episode 58

Mark Ramsey Media | 06.19.2014
A New Tool to Make Audio Advertising Interactive – XAPPmedia

Business Insider | 06.09.2014
People Are So Startled By A New Type Of Mobile Ad, It Makes Them Actually Say ‘Huh?’

Jacobs Media Blog | 05.27.2014
A Matter of Trust

Radio Ink | 05.27.2014
What is XAPP?

Digital Music News | 05.22.2014
Executive Shuffles: Lively, Association for Electronic Music, XAPPmedia, Cold River Records…

PBS MediaShift | 05.14.2014
Futures Lab Update #59: Lingospot, XAPP Ads and Tomorrowish

RJI | 05.13.2014
RJI Futures Lab update #59: Lingospot, XAPP Ads, and Tomorrowish

Radio World | 05.09.2014
Slacker Executive Goes to XappMedia

RAIN News | 05.08.2014
Lisa Namerow, ex-Slacker Radio and AOL Radio, joins XAPPmedia

Inside Radio | 05.08.2014
Web radio vet Namerow joins XAPPmedia | 05.08.2014
XAPPmedia Appoints Lisa Namerow As SVP/Business Development And Publisher Relations

World News (WN) Network | 05.08.2014
XAPPmedia Strengthens Leadership Team with Former AOL Music and Slacker Radio Executive Lisa Namerow

AdExchanger | 05.05.2014
Xapp Media Takes A Stab At Interactive Audio Ads

Frank Raines for SUCCESS magazine | 05.05.2014
4 Factors That Convince an Investor to Go All In | 05.05.2014
Introducing XappMedia, the ad startup breathing life into interactive audio advertising

MDG Advertising Blog | 05.01.2014
Hands-Free Interactive Radio Advertising to Play to the Mobile Market

StartUp Beat | 05.01.2014
XAPPmedia raises $3M for its ‘voice click’ mobile audio ad technology

EGTA | 04.25.2014
Interactive audio ads: a new back channel for radio advertising

VentureBeat | 04.24.2014
Funding Daily: Ads you can talk to

RAIN News | 04.24.2014
XAPPmedia acquires $3-million seed funding for voice-activated ad platform

DCInno | 04.24.2014
XAPPmedia Raises $3 Million for Interactive Audio Ads

VentureBeat | 04.24.2014
Internet radio ads get voice control as XAPPmedia lands $3M

MediaPost | 04.24.2014
XappMedia Raises $3 Million For Launch Of Interactive Audio Ads For Mobile Apps

AdOps Online | 04.24.2014
XAPPmedia Launches First Interactive Audio Advertising Service for Internet Radio Publishers

Bloomberg Business | 04.23.2014
XAPPmedia Raises $3 Million to Launch First Interactive Audio Advertising Service for Internet Radio Publishers | 04.23.2014
Will Interactive, Hands-Free Audio Ads Fund The “Internet Radio Revolution”?

Mark Ramsey Media | 04.22.2014
The Internet Radio Revolution has Arrived

TechCrunch | 04.22.2014
Xappmedia Raises $3M For Interactive Audio Ads

4-traders | 04.16.2014
“The Internet Radio Revolution Has Arrived:” New Report by BIA/Kelsey Examines How Platforms, Services, Audiences and Advertisers are Reinventing Audio

FMQB | 04.16.2014
BIA/Kelsey Says “The Internet Radio Revolution Has Arrived” | 04.16.2014
BIA/Kelsey: Net Radio Changing Listening Habits

BIA/Kelsey | 04.16.2014
“The Internet Radio Revolution Has Arrived:” New Report by BIA/Kelsey Examines How Platforms, Services, Audiences and Advertisers are Reinventing Audio

Marketing Dive | 04.09.2014
3 publishers challenging what an ad should look like

RAIN News | 04.04.2014
RAIN Summit preview: Bryan Moffett discusses NPR’s plans for more personalized podcasting

Mobile Marketer | 04.03.2014
Publishers test audio ads to open new mobile revenue streams

DCInno | 04.02.2014
XAPPmedia Turns Audio Ads Interactive

Bisnow | 04.02.2014
How to Do Ads on Phones

BIA/Kelsey Local Media Watch | 04.02.2014
Analyst Roundtable: XappMedia Introduces New Ad Format and Facebook’s Buy into a Virtual Future

Digital Media Wire | 04.01.2014
XAPPmedia Launches Interactive Audio Ad Service

BIA/Kelsey Local Media Watch | 04.01.2014
Talk Back to Your Mobile Ad: XappMedia’s New Ad Unit

Radio World | 04.01.2014
XAPPmedia Launches Voice-Activated Streaming Radio Ads

PRPD News for Programmers | 04.01.2014
NPR Adds Voice-Activated Underwriting

Reuters | 03.31.2014
XAPPmedia Launches First Interactive Audio Advertising Service for Internet Radio Publishers

Radio Ink | 04.01.2014
How’s This for R.O.I.? Voice Activated Online Ads

GeeksWorld | 03.31.2014
XAPPmedia Launches First Interactive Audio Advertising Service for Internet Radio Publishers

RAIN News | 03.31.2014
XAPPmedia introduces voice-activated audio advertising for Internet radio

Adweek | 03.30.2014
NPR Is Running Voice Recognition-Enabled Ads