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What are XAPP Ads?

XAPP Ads are the first interactive audio ads. XAPP Ads allow audio app listeners to respond to brand offers instantly, using only their voice. This means ultramobile consumers who are listening to content hands-free, eyes-free can still interact with brand offers with only their voice and be connected directly by phone, email, app downloads or other actions. XAPP Ads transform traditional one-way advertising into a two-way connection. Consumers get choice and convenience around connecting with offers. Advertisers get the opportunity for an instant customer conversion. Audio app publishers get a new, super-premium ad format.

Where can I hear a XAPP Ad?

Click here to select a XAPP Ad listening experience.

How long are XAPP Ads?

XAPP Ads can range from a few seconds in introductory information to a variable length similar to traditional audio ads. XAPP Ads can also serve expansion content of longer lengths when consumers choose to engage.

What does XAPPmedia mean by “Connect Consumers with Brands”?

XAPP Ads offer choice and convenience to consumers to instantly connect with brand offers by voice. Consumers don’t have to take the phone out of their pocket, from the car console or fiddle with a lock-screen. They simply respond by voice to connect with an offer. A “connection” could be an automatically initiated phone call, a request for an email, an app download or several other action options. If the ad is not relevant, consumers simply ignore it, like they do with traditional ads, and get back to more listening.

What types of actions can XAPP Ads encourage a consumer to take?

XAPP Ads include a variety of action types that consumers can initiate by voice. Some of these include, “Place Call Now,” “Download App,” “Send email,” Send Coupon,” “Go To Page,” “More Info,” “Buy It Now,” and so on. The XAPP Ad platform also enables the development of custom actions defined by the advertiser.

Who are XAPP Media’s customers?

XAPPmedia provides interactive advertising services to support both audio publishers and advertisers. XAPPmedia’s first announced customer is NPR. The first announced XAPP Ad customer for NPR is Lumber Lidquidators.

How are XAPP Ads different from Voice Ads by Nuance?

XAPP Ads are Interactive Audio Ads that are initiated by voice and enable various actions to be executed instantly that connect consumers with brand offers. Voice initiation ensures that ultramobile consumers who are listening hands-free, eyes free can interact with ads without stopping their activity such as driving, walking, working or exercising. Nuance Voice Ads are Conversation Ads initiated by touch that focus on open-ended creative interaction with consumers and require attention to the mobile screen. We consider both ad formats different but complementary.

Who is XAPPmedia? Who are the principals? Who has funded XAPPmedia?

XAPPmedia brings together audio app publishers, advertisers and consumers and provides value to all three through voice interaction. The first solution is Interactive Audio Ads that enable consumers to respond to audio advertisement offers by voice. The company is privately funded and is led by Co-founders Pat Higbie, Frank Raines, John Kelvie and Michael Myers.

Is XAPPmedia an ad tech company?

XAPPmedia is a technology company with an Interactive Audio Platform. We intend to leverage the technology in many spheres. The Interactive Audio Ad Service, XAPP Ads, is our first product.

Is XAPPmedia an ad network?

XAPPmedia is not an ad network. The XAPP Ads service is embedded in audio publisher apps and provided to advertisers through them.

Who are XAPPmedia’s competitors?

XAPP Ads compete with all other ad formats for advertising dollars. We see Interactive Audio Ads as a component of a broader promotional portfolio utilized by advertisers.

Where can I buy a XAPP Ad?

XAPPmedia has several certified audio app publisher partners. To inquire on availability please fill out the form: Where can I buy a XAPP Ad?

What is XAPPmedia’s privacy policy?

You can read XAPPmedia’s privacy policy here.

What do XAPP Ads cost?

XAPP Ad pricing is determined by audio app publishers who make them available to advertisers. You can click here to have XAPPmedia introduce you to our publisher partners.

How does XAPP Ads technology work?

XAPP Ads work through our native SDK, which currently supports iOS and Android. Once application developers integrate our SDK into their apps, they can begin serving interactive audio ads to their users. The ads are served in a proprietary format from the XAPP Ads Server. XAPP Ads can work directly with a variety of leading Ad Servers to initiate ad distribution and recording. The ad serving capability relies on a variety of technologies including content management, transaction logging and voice recognition, but the important thing for the app developer, advertiser, and user is, “it just works.”

Do advertisers need technologists or consultants to create XAPP Ads?

No. XAPP Ads are designed to be easy enough for a typical advertiser or account representative to create through a point-and-click, browser-based interface. No set-up is required. The ad creative is similar to traditional radio ads and is uploaded on XAPPmedia’s cloud hosted system. Once an ad is uploaded to the system it can be reviewed and enabled for serving.

Can XAPP Ads be used on terrestrial radio stations?

Today, XAPP Ads are limited to audio apps that can be played on platforms that include microphones and range from smartphones, tablets and automobiles to a variety of other smart devices. Some terrestrial radio stations can leverage XAPP Ads if they have an audio app that can be played on these devices.

Can XAPP Ads be used on live streaming radio?

Yes. XAPP Ads can be used on live streaming radio. There are a variety of options for doing this and we are happy to work with application developers to formulate a solution that fits the needs of their advertisers and listeners.

How long does it take to integrate XAPP Ads into existing ad serving systems?

We have completed integrations with major publishers in very short time periods. Initial development can be done in less than a day. From there it is a process of fine-tuning how XAPP Ads fit into the app workflow. Publishers may also want to integrate with other systems ranging from  yield management to impression reporting and that is done through the XAPP Ads API.

How do XAPP Ads help internet radio and podcasters?

XAPP Ads leverage the native audio and microphone capabilities of smartphones, tablets, automobiles and other platforms to create the first truly interactive audio experience allowing two-way communication between consumers and brands. All other ad formats are driven by visual elements or restricted to one-way broadcast. By offering XAPP Ads, audio app publishers can provide a super-premium ad format that can deliver advertisers instant customer conversions while providing consumers both choice and convenience.

What problems do XAPP Ads solve?

XAPP Ads enable audio app consumers to engage with brand offers by voice without having to look down at a phone and perform other actions. Consumers simply speak. More than half of all mobile audio app listeners consume content while performing other tasks such as driving, walking, working and exercising. During these periods it is either unsafe or inconvenient to interact with advertising driven by screen interactions. XAPP Ads make ad interaction possible in these situations and more convenient for consumers whenever listening to audio apps.

For advertisers looking for a more impactful and measurable advertising format in their audio portfolio, XAPP Ads create a unique opportunity to enable instant customer conversion from brand offers. XAPP Ads provide immediate feedback on efficacy of the creative, create a connection with consumers who choose to interact with the brand and drive revenue. For publishers that are looking for higher eCPM and to increase sell-through of ad inventory, XAPP Ads provides a super-premium ad format that cannot be replicated on terrestrial radio.

How do XAPP Ads inform consumers?

All XAPP Ads include introductory content of variable length. This content informs consumers of the brand message and offer. Consumers then choose to interact with the offer or return to listening.

How do XAPP Ads engage consumers?

Consumer engagement follows the introductory information. After the information is presented, consumers are offered a choice. If the offer is relevant, consumers can indicate by voice that they want to learn more or choose to access additional content. This engagement is consumer driven.

How do XAPP Ads convert consumers?

A conversion occurs when a consumer chooses to connect directly with the brand. After the introductory information or extended content is presented, an offer can be made by the brand to send a coupon, connect a call to a customer representative, download an app, send and email or make another type of direct connection. These all represent conversions.

When will XAPP Ads be able to hear me through the microphone?

The microphone is only activated after a user agrees to its use and only when a XAPP Ad action is being presented at the end of the ad content. It is not opened by XAPP at any other time.

How do I interact with XAPP Ads?

Listeners will always hear a prompted phrase. An example might be at the end of the ad when the narrator says, “after the beep, say PLACE CALL NOW.” All you need to do is say, “PLACE CALL NOW” in a normal speaking voice. That will connect you with call. Whatever action phrase is prompted is what you should say if you are interested in the offer.

How do I get more information after an ad?

You can always say, “XAPP Me” at the end of an ad to get more information. It works equally well as other action phrases such as “MORE INFO,” and “TELL ME MORE.” You can also use these phrases to repeat the previous ad content if you would like to hear it again before deciding whether to act.

What is JAX?

JAX (jacapps + Audio + XAPPmedia) is a mobile interactive audio ad (XAPP Ads) service that hundreds of radio broadcasters using jacapps can leverage to increase revenue from their mobile audio streams. The JAX service provides an end-to-end mobile monetization solution for broadcasters that includes audio delivery on mobile, ad sales, ad production, ad ops, ad serving and revenue management.

Who is jacapps?

jacapps was founded by Jacobs Media to help radio augment their broadcast signal with mobile streaming apps. More than 300 broadcasters trust jacapps to deliver their mobile apps for listeners.

How will JAX help broadcasters?

A plethora of research shows that Internet Radio users now account for over 50% of the U.S. population and as much as 95% of their listening time is on mobile. Radio broadcasters know that they can either be available on mobile platforms or risk losing their listeners to other digital services. Many are still looking for tools to generate mobile revenue. JAX will source the advertisers, deliver the ads and distribute revenue to broadcasters.

How will JAX help advertisers?

The consumers of mobile broadcast radio streams make up a fragmented market, which makes it harder for advertisers to reach these listeners through traditional ad buying channels. JAX will provide advertisers with access to hundreds of broadcasters’ audiences through a single service. And, it will include an Interactive Audio Ad format that is delivering consumer engagement and conversion rates over five times higher than other mobile ad units.

Does XAPP capture any personal information?

You should consult XAPP’s terms and privacy policy for more information about your interactions with this website. Your privacy information when hearing a XAPP Ad through an Internet audio app is governed by the app provider.

What types of ads are available?

Advertisers will be able to take advantage of XAPP Ads interactivity that allows consumers to engage with offers simply by speaking. This is critical since most listening occurs when the phone is in background. Using their voices to respond, XAPP Ads allow consumers to download apps, connect phone calls instantly to advertisers, have coupons sent directly to them and more – all without needing to touch the screen. You can view examples of the various types of XAPP Ads here.

How do I get started?

If you would like to learn more about JAX please fill out the form below. We look forward to helping broadcast radio drive more revenue in the industry-wide migration to mobile.