Develop Custom Alexa Skills

Amazon’s Echo and its Alexa voice services are growing quickly. In fact, they’re moving fast enough that Apple and Google are now trying to play catch-up. Brands are even further behind. Most have no presence on these platforms. They are ghosts. When consumers ask about the brand or product, Alexa has no response and an engagement opportunity is lost. Sometimes it’s worse when Alexa does have a response and the content is not exactly what the marketing team would prefer.

What is Alexa? What are Skills?  

Think about not having a website presence. Would that be a problem? That is exactly the situation for many brands and organizations today when it comes to the voice web and Alexa. However, there is an added challenge. Voice-first user experience is significantly different than visual-first user experience.

Voice UX Expertise and Tools for Alexa

XAPP is applying our deep expertise in voice-first user experience (UX) and technologies to help organizations transition to Alexa. After designing and implementing hundreds of voice-interactive audio content discoveries, ads and Alexa Skills, and measuring performance on millions of voice-first consumer interactions, we have unique insights into what works and how to enable it.

See a Demo  

We also have developed in-house tools to scalaby encode, serve and manage audio content for voice-first solutions that can be leveraged across multiple platforms. We have added to this portfolio by releasing several new open source tools that streamline developer tasks for creating Alexa Skills.

How XAPP Can Help You with Alexa

If you need to build an Alexa Skill there are three ways XAPP can help.

  1. We can design, build and operate your custom Alexa Skill from start to finish
  2. We can help with just the design, build, monitoring or management activities as needed
  3. Your team can use our voice-first development tools to streamline Alexa Skill development