Learn. Choose. Interact.

XAPP was founded to give consumers a voice. Mobile devices have changed the way we interact with audio content. Too often, app developers want us to interact by looking at a screen and touching it. That’s fine when we are watching a video or reading a blog. It’s not so great when we are listening to music while driving or walking with the device in our pocket. XAPP changes this.

A More Natural Experience and a Choice

We want to maximize convenience and enhance the listening experience. XAPP’s interactive audio platform enables Apps to use voice when consumers want to take action. Some streaming services use XAPP to suggest new tracks to listeners. If you are interested, you simply say, “listen now” and it takes you to the track. If not, you do nothing and the next song in queue starts up. There is no need to remove the phone from your pocked or purse and punch in your PIN code. You can listen hands free and interact hands free.

Other Internet radio services are applying this to advertising and it delivers a better experience for listeners. If you are a free user of an app, you know you are going to get advertisements. When a XAPP Ad runs, you have a choice. If the offer is not relevant, you can ignore it and get back to content faster. If you are interested, you simply speak and repeat the prompted phrase. You have control.

Hands free, Eyes free. Convenient

With XAPP, there is no more fumbling with unlocking your phone or trying to remember a URL or 800 number. Leave the smartphone in your pocket. Respond with your voice and you will be instantly connected to the music, artists and brands of your choice.