Alexa, Google Assistant and Cortana


Brands need an audio presence on voice assistants today. Consumers are increasingly using voice assistants such as Amazon Echo and Google Home in their homes and on their smartphones. Microsoft Cortana, Samsung Bixby and Apple Siri are catching up and bringing even more consumers with them. The question for you:

“What happens when a consumer asks a voice assistant about your brand?” For too many brands, the answer is NOTHING.



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Don’t Be Silent. Be Heard.

Voice assistant users went from a few million to hundreds of millions of consumers in just a year. Today, if you don’t have an Alexa skill or Google Action, you are silent to consumer inquiries about your brand or your key industry topics. XAPP is trusted by leading brands to deliver a voice presence that includes an engaging Voice Persona™ which differentiates the audio style for each brand.

Claim Your Name and Topic

Many of us remember the early internet rush to get domain names. Later, there was the focus on SEO for key words. Both factors are in play now and there is urgency to act. Early movers are getting preference for certain terms and phrases that can lead consumers to your brand or a competitor.

XAPP: Expertise and Performance

alexa-assistant-cortanaXAPP has been recognized by Amazon as a top Alexa skill developer and holds preferred partner status for Google Assistant and Microsoft Cortana. We arrived at these relationships for three reasons:

  1. Expertise in voice experience development
  2. Technical acumen
  3. Tools to ensure strong performance

Since 2013, XAPP has developed over 500 distinctive voice apps that have delivered unmatched consumer engagement rates on voice assistants. We are also a software development company first so we quickly streamlined the technical aspects of voice assistant application development enabling us to deliver solutions quickly with far higher quality than newcomers can hope to achieve. We can even do an Alexa skill or Google Action prototype for a brand in a few hours.

Finally, XAPP isn’t just about the launch of Alexa skills and Google Actions. We have the only technology solution today that provides diagnostic and management tools that ensure a new skill can be operated effectively and even improved over the long haul. Voice is all we do. If you want an exceptional voice application experience for your customers, click one of the buttons below to learn more.


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