Reach. Engage. Convert.

Advertising on Internet radio has gotten better. XAPP Ads are interactive audio ads that connect consumers directly with your brand. Now consumers can respond to your ads instantly with just their voice. It’s convenience for them, conversion for you. Advertisers routinely see 10-30 times higher response rates from XAPP Ads than traditional mobile ad formats.

Hands free. Eyes free.

Imagine a listener hears your ad while driving and is able to call you instantly or receive an emailed coupon without taking their eyes off the road. They don’t even have to remember your phone number or URL, so you don’t have to spend precious time repeating it.

With a few simple words, listeners can get more information about your product or call you directly without touching the phone. Targeted XAPP Ads give you measurable, consumer conversions not available on broadcast radio. In many instances, it is the only way to convert the 120 million multi-tasking consumers who are listening to audio while driving, walking, exercising or working. In fact, data show that 79-87% of the time, mobile audio listeners cannot see or interact with the screen. This means voice interaction is the only opportunity for an engagement.

Easy to build. Easy to convert.

Even better, XAPP Ad creative mirrors traditional radio ad production and ads are built using a cloud-based, point-and-click interface. Easy to build ad creative. Easy to convert consumers on Internet radio. Establish a new relationship between consumers and your brand.

Some of the Brands Using Interactive Audio Ads with XAPPmedia